Ever struggled to find the right thing to say to someone going through something painful? Ever found yourself avoiding that overdue phone call to someone who’s navigating something excruciatingly sensitive and overwhelmingly hard (like a cancer diagnosis, divorce or death of a loved one)? Ever felt guilty after not reaching out to someone you know needed support, but you just couldn’t figure out what to say?

We’ve all been there. Empathy is a highly nuanced skill that is hard to cultivate and even harder to exercise in the midst of an awkward or vulnerable situation. But fear not– empathy cards are here to save the day

sugg-jess-tion #6: Empathy Cards by Emily McDowell Studio

Emily McDowell’s insightful, fiercely honest empathy cards make finding the right words in sensitive situations a little easier. These cards can help facilitate meaningful conversations and foster real connections in tumultuous times. In addition to empathy cards, the Emily McDowell Studio produces cards for all occasions that perfectly articulate your most difficult to communicate sentiments with heart and humor (minus the saccharine platitudes of a sappy Hallmark). And even if you’re all stocked up on stationary, be sure to check out the EMS website for other fun goodies like mugs, journals and totes– all designed to speak the truth and put a smile on your face!



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