Your COVID-19 Toolkit

To help you cope with the greatest crisis of our lifetime, I’m sharing tools, strategies and spot coaching that target the most pressing topics from my 1:1 coaching sessions.

No frills, no script.

Just offering support in the best way I know how. Stay safe, friends. We will get through this.


NEW! Re-Wiring Your Brain to Combat the Negativity Bias


NEW! 5 Arenas of Post-Traumatic Growth


How to Practice Self-Compassion


Using The Science of Positivity and Emotional Contagion


How to Get Emotionally Unstuck


How to Productively Explain Your COVID-19 Circumstances


The Most Important Question I’m Asking Clients Right Now


Why Comparative Suffering Makes You Feel Worse


How to Double Down on Your Strengths During Quarantine



Certified Life Coach For Teens Los Angeles


Millennials Decoded Communicate To Be Heard Kiss Fears & Insecurities Goodbye

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