Each year, almost two million people in the United States graduate from college.

What comes next can be intimidating: finding a job, learning to cook, realizing how bad credit card debt can get, making new friends, learning to stick to a budget… the learning curve is steep and often riddled with roadblocks and speed bumps.

Emerging adulthood has always been challenging, but with new hurdles like social media, online dating, nonlinear career paths, and more, our 20-somethings are still just trying to figure it out.


sugg-jess-tion #18: Life After College is Weird, This Can Help
Article from the New York Times


This article is meant to serve as a guide for a graduate’s first years of freedom. It’s a fun and interesting read that gives an insider perspective to life in the real world of today’s young adults. Some of these stories are about the basic realities of career and personal finance. Others are about creating the life you’ve always imagined — or may just be beginning to imagine — and bouncing back when things don’t go right. Taken together, this collection of stories offers a set of poignant and revealing truths about life after college that can help new graduates feel less alone and more empowered.


Life After College is Weird This Can Help Article from the New York Times



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