“Jess: You have my undying and well deserved praise, affection and gratitude. I love what you have done for young girls in our community through your individual and group programming. They are indeed ‘transformed’ and you have helped them to unfold their wings and start on the road to being the women that was always inside them. There is not a single area of their lives that has not improved: relationships with friends, time management, communication skills, self-confidence, intimacy, their connections with their family… The list goes on and on.”

Jane Wurwand

Founder, Dermalogica and

Jess has been a valuable asset to our teen programs. She has developed workshops for our girls that have ranged from career exploration to the college transition. Girls walk away feeling better equipped to make self-honoring decisions, knowing that they can achieve their goals with a heightened sense of investment in themselves! Jess completely embodies our mission to ignite the potential in women and girls.

Jenni Luke

CEO Step Up Women’s Network

Jess was absolutely fantastic! She spoke to our sorority about reputation management and the importance of presenting oneself well as a collegiate woman. Not only was her lecture very informative and powerful, but she was so personable! She had a wonderful presence and energy while she spoke that really drew all of our sisters in. Her message was relatable and powerful and has really resonated with our women even weeks after her presentation. We feel so lucky to have had Jess come and speak to our chapter! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a guest speaker and life coach. She is phenomenal!

Hannah Brown

Alpha Phi Programs Director

You were absolutely amazing tonight and I have already received great feedback from your workshop audience! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Camellia Khalvati

Student at Chapman University

My daughter came back from the group coaching session with Jess practically buzzing with enthusiasm and engagement.  She thought that it was the most amazing session ever.  It seems like Jess really connected with the kids, got them talking both to her and each other — and in short, my daughter (and from what she tells me, several of her friends) thought it was really amazing.

Jennifer M.

Parent 8th grade girl

Jess’ charisma allows her to make an instant connection with teen girls.  Her work with them is outstanding.  I wholeheartedly recommend her workshops  and private sessions for girls in middle school, high school and college.

Cam Gonzales

Dean of Students Alverno High School

Jess is changing the lives of so many girls during that crucial time when they are being influenced by the media and the beauty industry who are reinforcing this idea that girls aren’t enough as is. Her passion for her work is apparent in the way she lights up any time she gets the opportunity to talk about it. Jess is exactly the kind of positive female role model we need more of  in this world.

Emily Greener

Executive Director of I Am That Girl

Having Jess come to my Girl Scout meetings has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! She has advice for every situation from school, boys, family stuff, whatever it is she will have something to say or a tool to give you that will help. She’s just amazing and I’m so happy I met her. Thanks Jess!

Holly R.

Girl Scout Troop 6491

Working with Jess was an amazing experience. She was inspiring and motivating. Jess was easy to relate to; she made it a comfortable environment to open up in. What I enjoyed most was, it wasn’t all “just sit in a circle and talk about your feelings.” We were able to work together on activities and worksheets that taught us valuable life lessons. It was an absolute pleasure working with Jess, along with a learning and growing experience.

Brooke Botwinick

Group coaching client

Our 8th grade girls were ecstatic after one session with Jess. They immediately felt comfortable with her and found space in her session where they could discuss how it feels to be a young woman in a safe, open, and honest way. The parents of these students were thrilled with their daughter’s feedback about their time with Jess. The girls could not wait for another class so that they could explore more about themselves under Jess’ facilitation. Jess is a wonderful role model for the young women in our community!

Tami Weisman

Director of Religious School University Synagogue

“At the time I met Jess, my daughter’s self-confidence was low, her grades were average, she was unclear where she was headed in her young adult life and she was having a very difficult time with relationships. Jess assisted and guided her with a nurturing and trusting approach. At the beginning it was difficult for my daughter to open up, but little by little Jess’ talent and skills came to light and my daughter started to change. With Jess’ help, she applied to several UC schools and was accepted to two. Last semester, she even made the decision to study abroad—evidence of her growth and transformation. It’s been an incredible journey to see her mature and reach her goals. This has truly been a life-changing event for her and for us as parents. I truly appreciate Jess’ support and for always being there when I needed her guidance as a parent. There were times that I felt my daughter was going backwards, but with Jess’ help, calming words and confidence I was able to trust in her and the Coaching process. JESS: Thank you, thank you for partnering with us in guiding my daughter to believing in herself and maximizing her potential.”

Paola A.

“Working with Jess has opened up so many wonderful things for me. I feel completely safe talking to her about anything-whether it be serious, sad, deep, or even outrageously silly. The biggest gift she has given me is simply honoring who I am and encouraging me to live every day from my deepest insight, love, and power. As a student in high school, I am faced with challenges every day that have the potential to knock me off balance. Jess has helped me to build my confidence in myself so I can go through my day feeling solid and balanced. My grades have improved, my relationships are tighter, and most importantly, I have developed a greater compassion for myself and others. I feel tremendously blessed to work with her!”

Emily G.

“I am so appreciative and grateful and blessed to have met you and been able to work with you weekly over the past year. My life has truly been enriched thanks to the tools, strategies, planning sessions and open honest discussions that we have shared. I cannot thank you enough!”

Molly W.

“I want to say that my coaching experience was transformational with instant results. Within the first session I was able to identify areas I needed to change in order to get back in balance. Jess helped me come up with a plan of action that I could immediately implement into my life. I felt renewed hope in areas of my life that have caused me so much heartache. I always felt validated by Jess and encouraged in my efforts to grow. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me get clear on specific steps I needed to take in order to live a happier, more harmonious life. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.”

Tatiana T.

“Jess is extraordinary. She has been coaching my 17 year old daughter for the past 3 months. It has made a critical difference in my daughter’s ability to navigate through the choppy waters of 11th grade! Jess has helped my daughter balance the rigorous demands of academics, extracurricular endeavors and teen life, and to have a sense of balance with it all. Her wisdom, humor, brilliance and spiritual connection have been a significant anchor through some tumultuous times. Thank you, Jess.”

Lynn G.

“It was an honor having you lead us through the Career Connections workshop. You got me to break that shell and be able to open up and build up to the steps that will help me get where I want to get. You were able to motivate us to follow our dreams.”


Step Up Network event

“My time with Jess has been life changing; she has helped me so much through times where I was lost. Jess has the ability to relate to me, and really get involved with my life easily. From the first time we met, we clicked. I was so happy, and I still am. She also makes it so she is someone that I can trust, and I feel like I can tell Jess anything with no hesitation.”

Ruby S.

“I was probably at one of the lowest points in my life when I met Jess. I was in an extremely toxic relationship that was very verbally and emotionally abusive. Jess helped me through such a low part in my life and presented methods to help me climb myself out of a very deep and dark hole. She helped me become stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. When I’m ever in a life conflict, I always find myself going back to the methods she showed me. Even though our sessions have ended, she is still a part of my daily life!”

Danielle A.


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