Journaling has long been touted as a valuable tool for improving quality of life. It can produce a variety of positive outcomes including greater clarity, deeper self-awareness, lower stress and increased goal attainment.

I’ve recommended journaling to my clients no less than 30986576 times in my 9 years as a coach, but the reality is that free form journaling just isn’t for everyone (and I hate to admit it, but I actually don’t enjoy it either). I do, however, believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of taking a few minutes each day to focus, reflect and practice gratitude. And now I’ve found the perfect tool to make this practice an easy, sustainable keystone habit.


sugg-jess-tion #16: 5 Minute Journal App


The 5 Minute Journal offers a quick, on-the-go journaling option that can bring greater joy and intention to your days. The easy to use app asks you three morning questions designed to instill gratitude, set purpose for your day, and create empowering beliefs. At the end of the day, two night questions ask you to reflect on the amazing things that happened throughout your day and how you could improve for tomorrow. Ending your day on a high note, while intentionally identifying ways to uplevel your game tomorrow, is the winning combination that leads to greater well-being and ongoing growth.

5 Minute Journal App



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