Today’s sugg-jess-tion is driven by the terrifying truth that I have officially lost count of how many of my clients have been physically and sexually assaulted. Not just teens and young adults, but parents too. There is absolutely a crisis of sexual assault on college campuses (1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted while in college*) and we are seeing a consistent uptick in reports of workplace harassment. And then of course there are the instances of individuals being manhandled and dragged against their will off of airplanes…

Whether you’re male or female, whether you’re heading to the office or to Coachella, whether you’re navigating the dark alleys of Manhattan or walking alone to your car in the burbs, my question is this: do YOU know how to protect yourself?

sugg-jess-tion #2: Impact Personal Safety

Impact offers dynamic, empowering personal safety training. Classes include assertiveness and awareness skills, boundary-setting, verbal strategies, and full-force physical assailant defense. Impact’s training gives students of all ages the skills to avoid assault, if possible, and to physically defend themselves if necessary. It puts students in touch with their innate power regardless of size, strength, fitness or (dis)ability level. Impact is staffed by passionate women and men working together to end violence in our society.

Wanna see what self-defense training can do for you? Check out the inspiring video below of one of my clients kicking butt and taking names!

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