How ya holding up? Everyone’s experience of this wild time is different– I’ve heard everything from clients who are really loving the forced hibernation to those who are flat out miserable. It’s all relative. And it’s all real.

I’ve put two new videos in your COVID-19 Toolkit this week:

1.  Re-wiring Your Brain to Combat the Negativity Bias

2. 5 Arenas of Post-Traumatic Growth

The first video is helpful for everyone, regardless of of your quarantine experience. It explains the power of unconscious bias and how to re-wire your brain to maximize well-being during quarantine and beyond. The second video will be particularly helpful for those who are feeling traumatized by the impacts of the pandemic: job loss, financial hardship, food shortages, sickness, death… Trauma is, without question, devastating. And, it can also lead to some surprisingly beneficial outcomes.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of the quarantine experience, I hope this information will provide some comfort and support.

Re-wire your brain in quarantine

More videos coming soon!

Take care of yourself, and someone who needs you.



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