I wanted to get this video to you before the weekend so you have this tool on standby for when you need it most.

Something I’ve noticed in the last few weeks is that there’s a particular demographic that is suffering extra hard right now: high performers.

High performers are used to be being extremely productive, achievement oriented and frankly, prone to perfectionism. But given the circumstances, most people are not able to produce or achieve the same output they’re used to. As a result, I’m seeing high levels of self-criticism, self-judgement and generalized feelings of not being enough.

But even if you’re not beating yourself up, and instead you’re finding this forced slow down to be refreshing in some ways, my guess is that you might be still be wrestling with some level of loss or suffering during this time– lost work, wages, social connection, milestone events, etc. Unfortunately, no one is getting out of this thing without some wounds.

To that end, I’ve shared a new video in your COVID-19 Toolkit that arms you with a powerful self-care tool for navigating your pain.

In this video, I share:
How to Practice Self-Compassion

Don’t be fooled, folks. Self-compassion may sound fluffy, but it’s legit. Take a peek. Give it a go.

How to Practice Self Compassion

More videos coming soon!

Take care of yourself, and someone who needs you.



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