The Blame and Complain Game

Do you ever find yourself wishing things were better, but nothing seems to change? Is your daughter left hopeless and helpless every time a challenge arises? Are you confused about why others are succeeded but continue to stay stuck? Well, you’re not alone!

Blaming and complaining are the two easiest things to do when we don’t get the results we want. Placing blame on someone or something outside of ourselves is really just another way of making an excuse—a way of justifying why we didn’t perform. And the art of complaining is almost paradoxical: in order to complain, part of us must believe that something better exists, that something can change for the better! Rarely do we complain about things that we truly have no control over. When was the last time you heard someone complain about gravity?! Or the sun setting?? The reality is that the things we complain about are things that we have the ability to change—but have simply chosen not to. That’s right, there is always something you can do to change your current experience, no matter how big or small, and it is an active choice to remain unhappy and dissatisfied.

Furthermore, the language of blaming and complaining is often disempowering and devoid of energy. “This the worst day EVER!” “I can’t believe she told Carly I lied to her. How could she do that me?” “My teacher hates me!” Language is incredibly powerful and can quickly put us in a state to take action or wallow. Using positive language that uplifts, motivates and inspires will naturally pull you towards taking action.

Next time you find you or your daughter blaming and complaining, take a moment to think about what small actions might improve the situation—even if it’s simply choosing to change your perspective. Blaming and complaining until you’re blue in the face will never bring you closer to what you really want.

Make the choice to make a change.

The struggle is real. Wanna know how to bounce back more quickly?
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The struggle is real.
Enter your info below for Jess’
Top 10 Ways to Boost Resilience!
Wanna know how to bounce back more quickly?

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