Where to begin? The world is completely upside down right now and it’s hard to make sense of things. Stress is high and emotions are all over the place. I get it. And I’m here to support you.

To that end, I’ve created a free COVID-19 Toolkit for you. This series of short videos will arm you with research-backed tools and strategies for taking care of yourself during this completely unprecedented time. In addition, I’ll provide some spot coaching on the most pressing topics that are showing up in my private 1:1 sessions.

In the first three videos, I share:
1) The Most Important Question I’m Asking Clients Right Now

2) Why Comparative Suffering Makes You Feel Worse

3) How to Double Down on Your Strengths During Quarantine



Take a peek. Let me know what you think. More videos coming soon!

As always, I am so grateful for you. In the words of one of my greatest mentors, take care of yourself, and someone who needs you.

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