The Self-Compassion Series

Welcome to your 3-part video series about the #1 skill Millennials need for sustainable success: Self-Compassion. In this video, you’ll get a brief overview of what exactly self-compassion is and why we need it so badly. Then, I’ll give you a quick glimpse into the three critical components that work in tandem to create self-compassion. Finally, I’ll dive head first into the purpose and value of component #1: Mindfulness. Enjoy!

Part 1: Mindfulness


Part 2: Common Humanity

In this video, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the second component of self-compassion: Common Humanity. This topic is all about understanding that suffering is a shared human experience. We can find tremendous relief and comfort in knowing we are not alone in our struggles, and are thus better able to move forward with ease and grace.


Part 3: Self-Kindness

In this video, you’ll learn about the third and final component of self-compassion: Self-kindness. This topic is all about the critical art of talking to yourself the way that you would talk to someone you love. Finally, this series comes to a close with a complete review of all 3 of the puzzle pieces that work in tandem to create self-compassion.


BONUS Edition

Truth be told, there was a time when I thought the concept of self-compassion was just a bunch of self-help BS too. So no judgement if you’re calling my bluff. But what I can say today, with absolute certainty, is that self-compassion is the #1 most valuable skill we can teach our kids (and ourselves) if we want to improve our well-being and maximize our potential. Period. So, I made you this *BONUS* video to clear up some of the most common myths and criticisms about self-compassion, and to set the record straight once and for all.


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The struggle is real. Wanna know how to bounce back more quickly?
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The struggle is real.
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Top 10 Ways to Boost Resilience!
Wanna know how to bounce back more quickly?

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