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Hello there! My name is Jess, and I’m here to support you in living the life of your dreams! But before I do, let’s get to know each other first, shall we? Here’s my story:

I don’t come from a broken home. I didn’t grow up poor, hungry or without resources. In fact, quite the opposite. My family is unbelievably supportive, I received top notch education and have been fortunate enough to live a pretty luxurious life. I have experienced a huge amount of joy in my life and have been blessed beyond words. Sounds perfect, right?

Despite appearances, I struggled just to make it through adolescence. BIG TIME.

Jess Hopkins Middle School Holding DogMiddle school was brutal. Hormones were raging and although girls around me were developing, I was still short and flat chested. I was jealous and insecure; braces and bangs were not a good look for me. (See exhibit A on the left… The puppy? Super cute. Me? Not so much.) I was excluded, lied to and made to feel inferior. I bawled my eyes out, wondering why other girls were so cruel. My grandmother’s passing had a profound effect on my entire family, creating disconnect and distance during an already tumultuous time.
Jess Hopkins High SchoolHigh school was rough. New problems created new fears, stressors and pressures. I was obsessed with my weight. Like many others, my most embarrassing moments inevitably became the hot topic of conversation at the lunch table. Over-achievement culture perpetuated my perfectionism. Parties led to poor choices that fueled the rumor mill and ignited school hallways with whispers. Stress and overwhelm were baseline emotions. I felt like I had to adjust my personality to fit in with the various groups I hung out with. Dating was confusing and competitive. Conversations with my parents turned into heated arguments. I felt criticized, judged and misunderstood. I was angry.

Jess Hopkins Graduation Day New York CityCollege was fun, but also painful. Total freedom meant having to learn a lot of lessons the hard way. Over exposure to drugs and alcohol, roommate horror stories, homesickness, freshman 15, limited academic accountability, loneliness, trying to find my place in an unfamiliar territory… I experienced high highs and low lows. It was an emotional roller coaster of epic proportions.

Graduation from college was absolutely terrifying. Like most young adults these days, I wanted a career that was both aligned with my passions and financially lucrative. Achieving both seemed impossible; I felt like I had to choose between being a starving artist or a financially stable slave to the man. The uncertainty of the future felt overwhelming, and triggered my greatest fears and insecurities. A thick mental fog set in and I desperately needed clarity…


I packed up and got the heck out of dodge. For 6 months I roamed the earth from Bolivia to Vietnam, cataloguing life-changing experiences that led me to one pivotal moment. A chance encounter in Mexico brought me face to face with a Life Coach. Unfamiliar with the field at the time, this stranger described coaching as a profession dedicated to identifying and fostering personal strengths, facilitating action-oriented change processes and supporting others in reaching their greatest potential. The light bulb went on, and from that moment forward, coaching has been my passion and purpose.

Jess Hopkins Certified Gen Z and Millennial Life Coach Los AngelesAs you can see, although I didn’t grow up at-risk, I had my fair share of challenges. It is because of those challenges that I am deeply passionate about providing Gen Z and Millennials with exceptional support during their greatest times of need. My goal is to provide them with a judgment-free space to speak their truth. To offer them sound guidance, tools and strategies that will prevent them from falling into the deep, dark pitfalls of adolescence. To support them in achieving their greatest potential!

My struggles have taught me invaluable lessons that allow me to drastically shorten the learning curve for the Gen Z and Millennial generation.

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I am truly honored to work with Gen Z and Millennials throughout such a monumental stage of life. It is a privilege to be let into their world, and I am grateful for the opportunity to affect positive change every single day. I greatly look forward to supporting you, your Gen Z, and Millennial in maximizing your quality of life.

In gratitude and service~

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Professional Bio

Jess Hopkins Professional BioJess Hopkins is a triple-certified coach based in Los Angeles. Jess received a BFA with honors from NYU, holds an M.A. in Counseling Psychology and a second masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology from UPenn. Jess supports her work as a coach with the research and science of Positive Psychology, so parents, Gen Z, and Millennials alike can trust that her positive interventions will produce maximum results. Jess coaches Gen Z and Millennials all over the country, as well as their parents, offering tangible tools and strategies for overcoming everyday obstacles and maximizing potential.

With heart, honesty and humor, Jess is able to break through barriers and develop meaningful relationships with Gen Z and Millennials of all ages. Her custom-tailored approach facilitates rapid rapport and trust building with a wide variety of clients, and her 10+ years of coaching experience offers reliable strategies for achieving positive outcomes.  

In addition to coaching Gen Z and Millennials nationwide, Jess speaks, writes, develops content and programming, and facilitates workshops. Jess has provided content for and/or serves private clients at the following organizations and institutions:

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Hannah Brown Alpha Phi Programs Director
"Jess was absolutely fantastic! She spoke to our sorority about reputation management and the importance of presenting oneself well as a collegiate woman. Not only was her lecture very informative and powerful, but she was so personable! She had a wonderful presence and energy while she spoke that really drew all of our sisters in. Her message was relatable and powerful and has really resonated with our women even weeks after her presentation. We feel so lucky to have had Jess come and speak to our chapter! I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a guest speaker and life coach. She is phenomenal!"
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The struggle is real.
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Top 10 Ways to Boost Resilience!
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