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Dear Mom and Dad

If you’re struggling to connect with, support or launch your Millennial, you’ve come to the right place. Parenting isn’t an exact science, but I’ve got a formula that can take your family from surviving to thriving.

Dear Millennials

It might seem like Millennials have it easy – education, resources and luxury— but looks can be deceiving. Beneath that shiny exterior I see the truth: life is complicated and you’re struggling to cope. But not to worry, you don’t have to brave it alone.

From Paralyzed to Catalyzed

eBookSure, we all know that walking your talk is the only way to achieve your dreams. But what happens when you feel stuck or confused?

My FREE e-book is designed to give you a straight forward guide to maximizing fulfillment, flow and connection in order to take inspired actions every day! Whether you’re an adult or a teen, this book offers a set of tangible tools and strategies that will set you up to succeed.

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Millennials Decoded
Communicate to be Heard
Kiss Fears and Insecurities Goodbye


My Coach Jess Blog Posts

Busting Millennial Myths

Millennial-bashing is all the rage these days, and frankly, I'm over it. From the board room to the classroom, from magazine covers to news reports, the rhetoric is always the same: Millennials are lazy, entitled and narcissistic.  (Sound familiar?) And there are a...

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13 Reasons Why You Need a Coach

Given my profession and my demographic, it’s no surprise that people have been verrry curious about my take on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why (the story of a high school girl and the series of events that leads to her suicide). There’s been quite a bit of controversy around...

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WARNING: Boundary Violators Will Be Fined

Have you ever found yourself muttering under your breath about someone who deeply offended you? Have you ever felt manipulated or taken advantage of? Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable in your own home? Have you ever been resentful towards someone you love?...

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USA: United States of Anxiety

Anxiety is officially the most popular coaching topic among all of my clients. And I work with a pretty wide demographic of clients these days, including girls and boys ages 13-30, and parents, too. My clients live all over the country (across all 4 time zones and 10...

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