Adolescence is rough. Coaching is your solution.

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Welcome Message

Well hello there! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jess, and welcome to the world of coaching. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my site– now let’s get this party started!

Message to Girls

To all the girls out there who are struggling in one way or another, let me say this: I’ve been there. I get it. And I’m here to support you through it! Learn how coaching will transform your life, one action step at a time.

Message to Parents

Dear mom and dad: whether you’re in need of support for yourself or your daughter, you’ve come to the right place. Learn how coaching can shift your family from surviving to thriving!

From Paralyzed to Catalyzed

eBookSure, we all know that walking your talk is the only way to achieve your dreams. But what happens when you feel stuck or confused?

My FREE e-book is designed to give you a straight forward guide to maximizing fulfillment, flow and connection in order to take inspired actions every day! Whether you’re an adult or a teen, this book offers a set of tangible tools and strategies that will set you up to succeed.

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My Coach Jess Blog Posts

The Disease to Please

WARNING: There’s a dangerous ailment making the rounds among my clients these days. It’s an infectious disease that’s taking a huge toll on the well-being of teens (and adults) everywhere. Symptoms include: Cringing at the thought of saying “no” Obsessing...

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Are YOU Fluent in Love?

What if I told you that you were probably rejecting the people you love most, without even realizing it? We humans have a deep, life-long, hard-wired need for love. And when that need goes unmet, we feel rejected and fall prey to numerous psychological issues ranging...

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R.I.P. Authenticity

Curated collections are the hottest trend in almost every industry these days, and frankly, it’s a pretty sweet feature of our technology-centric lifestyle. At any time, we can find the perfect mix of music on Spotify or the next binge-worthy show on Netflix based on...

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Why Quitting Is The New Winning

I’ve recently noticed a trend among my clients that’s giving me cause for concern. Simply put, they don’t know when to quit. Most of you are probably guffawing, thinking to yourselves that Millennials are the ultimate...

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